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Monitor what customers are saying about your brand on social media, news, blogs and much more. Monitor what your competition is doing. Observify is easy social media & web monitoring.

Always know when you’re mentioned. With Observify's social media and web listening, you'll instantly know whenever someone writes anything that's related to your business online.

Keep customers close and competitors closer. Listen to your audience and keep an eye on what your competitions is up to - all in a single glance with our simplified social media monitoring.

Discover what's happening around you. Easily spot new trends, find the people who mention you the most on social media as well as the web and make sure you're talking to the right audience.

Get the big picture. And the small one. Observify makes your media analysis easy. Spend your time gaining insights about how your brand is performing through our real-time visualizations.

Be more strategic about your business. Optimize your online marketing strategies as well as better future marketing campaigns on both social media and the whole web - to boost your sales.

Available on whichever device that you use. You can access Observify wherever you go, and benefit from the same simple social media and news monitoring interface on every one of your devices!

Why choose Observify?

More than 1,000 satisfied customers use us. Here's why:

Monitor everything 24/7

Don't worry about missing out on the stuff that's important. Keep track of social media, news, blogs, forums and much more through our simple interface.

Over 95% accuracy

We won't let you get fooled by inaccurate data. We deliver quality data with accuracy over 95%, so you'll be sure on what you see.

Much cheaper than employing

Waste no time and money finding experts or agencies to keep an eye on your brand and customers. We give you everything you need, at a much cheaper price.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

It doesn't take Einstein to figure us out. Our media monitoring tools is so easy that you won't waste any time trying to understand them.

Make more money

Get customers to come back for more. We help you understand how to make your customers' experiences great, so that they'll return again and again.

Brand & Reputation management

Listen to the word on the street, and have the power to change it. With Observify you'll manage your brand and reputation with ease.

Get more loyal customers

Understand what makes your customers tick, and what makes them happy. Then make them into even happier customers with direct and relevant marketing.

Fits every company

A one man show, a fast-growing company or a widespread empire? Size doesn't matter to us. Our online monitoring fit businesses of all kinds and sizes.

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