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5 things you shouldn’t do on social media

Social media can be pretty awesome for your brand, but only if you’re using it in the right way. Sometimes, brands fail to take advantage of its opportunities. Most often because they haven’t learned an approach to getting it right. So, how do you do it right?

The golden rule is consistency.

To be successful with social media management, you have to be true to form. And far too many brands are anything but consistent in their social media presence!

Below, we list five areas in which brands often trip up when it comes to social media:

1) Their voice is not their voice

As a brand, it’s crucial to have the right tone of voice. A tone that’s true to you, and no one else.

If you’re struggling in your attempts to establish tonality, check out this nifty style guide that MailChimp has set up.

To be true to your brand, you need to determine which direction your brand will take when it comes to your social media channels. The more social media guidelines you create for your team, or that your team creates together – the more consistent you can be.

And if you’re consistent, your efforts will pay off. Why? Because your followers will know what you’re on about, and they’ll recognise you from their feed!

2) They’re slow

Most of your customers expect that you will reply within 30 minutes. If you’re slower than that, people will quickly lose interest in you.

Today, the waiting time for a reply has been seriously diminished. The days when waiting 30 minutes to speak to a customer service rep wasn’t a problem, are gone.

To gain bigger influence on social media, and to grow your presence, you have to deliver a fast response in the real-time nature of social media.

That’s why it’s crucial to use the right software to keep track of your social channels and mentions from your customers, so you’ll have the ability to cater to their needs.

3) Or even worse, they’re automated

This is a big point, right here.

Automated replies can be great when it comes to handling large volumes. But it’s a downright disaster when it comes to creating a loyal bond with your customers. Because even though your automated reply might seem cleverly put together, your customers will still notice that it’s automated.

So, if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and the large volume of incoming mentions is overwhelming you, pin a post to your page where you explain that answering might take a little longer than usual.

Then proceed to reply at your usual pace and give each of your customers a meaningful customer experience.

4) They stage a monologue - not a dialogue

Social media is all about having a social conversation. However, many brands utilise it to broadcast offers or marketing initiatives.

Rather, you should talk with your customers about these subjects, and get a dialogue going rather than a monologue.

We all want our voices heard. So make sure you listen to your customers, and let them know it. Soon, your customers will feel cared for and as you’ve given them a great user experience – they’ll give you their loyalty.

5) They delete negative comments

This is probably the biggest no-no of the whole bunch.

Ignoring a customer who feels that they’ve been treated wrongly is something that can seriously hurt your brand. Worst case scenario? A social media crisis might land in your lap.

Don’t ever delete a negative comment or post about your brand. Instead, treat this as a great opportunity to show off your excellent customer service skills! In many cases, a negative comment can actually serve a positive purpose for your brand.


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