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Brand building in 2015 – what to do (and what you shouldn’t)

A new year equals a fresh start. So what will you do differently this year, than what you did last year? We have a couple of starting points that will help you figure out which way to go, and the wrong turns to avoid.

Don’t fear failure. Embrace it.

If you’re playing it safe, you’re not playing it at all. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in 2014 is that failure isn’t something you should avoid, but something you should embrace. And why’s that? Well, to achieve success you have to endure failure!

Learn from your mistakes. Because even though things can spread quickly on social media and those things can seem damaging to your reputation – they can also change quickly. Today, the mistakes you made yesterday can be forgiven and forgotten through excellent marketing.

However, if you’re in full blown crisis-mode you really shouldn’t risk everything. Get our advice on how you should handle a crisis here.

Go beyond your own bubble.

If you’re cocooned in your own bubble, chances are you’ll never really learn who your customers are, or be able to shape a brand story that resonates with them. And how do you achieve this? By listening in on the conversations they’re having.

Millions, even billions of conversations happen daily across the web. And every one of these can prove a golden opportunity for new areas of business. So cast a wider net, start your social listening and reap the benefits!

Side note: ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you start firing tweets at everyone who writes just about anything, people will start ignoring you – so stay relevant. Which brings us to:

Don’t write stuff, just for the sake of writing stuff.

Writing content is great when it comes to driving traffic, and it will continue to be one of the big themes of 2015. But an important point to consider is if you’re producing meaningful content – and if it translates into stellar inbound marketing.

Consider whether the content you are pushing out is relevant for the users that you’re trying to target. If you’re crafting content just for the sake of it, chances are that you’re missing out on your target audience.

Which means that even though it’s driving traffic, it’s not driving the right kind of traffic – garnering no results for you.

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