Brand management - how to succeed in social media strategy

Brand management - how to succeed in social media strategy

Being a brand manager means you work both strategically and in a general sense to market and develop a company's various brands. It could be a matter of developing new products - or improving existing products. This may involve extending the brand’s portfolio, leading to a stronger position in your industry.

A brand manager works with a view to the future, and is integral to a company’s progress. Their goal is to create a strong identity for the company, its products and services. A successful brand manager arguably looks to increase the perceived value a customer attaches to a product or service.

Usually, brand managers are involved in almost every aspect of marketing a product, from start to finish. The ability to keep track of several areas simultaneously is key to the role.

Traditionally, brand management includes:

Driving profitability and growth
Taking responsibility for specific products, from concept to market
Acting as project lead for product development and marketing initiatives
Planning, managing and monitoring PR campaigns/new product launches
Participating in the development of marketing materials
Forecasting and analysis

Brand managers go a step further with overall planning for their brand’s visibility - they exist to find solutions and opportunities to improve new and existing marketing channels.

Since the mid-2000s, the impact of social media has increased significantly, ensuring that brand managers cannot afford to ignore it. To track brand sentiment across social channels, a powerful media monitoring tool is invaluable. In addition, it is important that your tool provides you with relevant material. Otherwise, brand managers and/or their teams risk wading through an unmanageable mass of information which is difficult to draw conclusions from.

Truly successful brand managers create emotional connections between products and customers. The accessibility and interactivity of social media makes it, in many respects, a more effective channel than traditional media - not to mention an opportunity to nurture direct communication with customers. As Observify users, brand managers benefit from an intuitive, streamlined means of handling ambassadors, partners, influencers and much more.

Here are some social media-specific tips for taking brand management to the next level:

Listen to your customers. Media monitoring features that let you define your audience and save important mentions help you strategise based on what customers really think

Analyse. Find new trends ahead of the curve. What are people saying about your company and product? What do they say about your competitors?

Influence. Go straight to the source, and communicate directly with bloggers, Twitter users, Facebook groups and more. Make use of ambassadors and influencers


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