Fill your hotel with the help of social media

Fill your hotel with the help of social media

You can gain from social media and improve your business. No matter if you have one small, family-owned hotel or if you are the country manager for a franchise, there’s something to gain from social media.

Observify is a social listening tool that goes further - it also helps you communicate directly with your key target groups. You will be able to find relevant influencers - an opportunity to make your hotel more popular and prosperous thanks to their word of mouth value.

A digital influencer often has great impact on his or her followers. Reach is a traditional social media measurement, but nowadays it is just as common to explore how effective an influencer is to convert people into taking the action you desire; choosing your hotel.

The majority of influencers have great credibility and the ability to shape their followers’ opinions and behaviour (there is a reason they are called influencers), and convert communication into business. Their fans trust and rely on them significantly, and by building the right kind of influencers into your strategy, you can achieve results at a reasonable cost, within a short timeframe. This type of content marketing might be the fastest growing niche within the marketing communications world at the moment.

Content marketing and native marketing have become common, and big media outlets around the world practice these disciplines on a daily basis. The latest trend within content marketing is called “naked content”, meaning that while bloggers, for example, do have public collaborations with hotels and hospitality brands, they are not controlled by you in any sense. The blogger gains credibility, which can improve conversion rates and your sales. The downside is that you lack control as a brand, which can be harmful should a blogger act unpredictably for any reason.

Content and influencer marketing is possible to implement at a reasonable cost. A good tool to find your most important influencers is the Observify platform. As a user, you will be able to find and communicate with influencers quickly and easily.

The Observify platform is an effective support when formulating a strategy for how to market your hotel on the web. By using our tool you will be able to find the most important communicators and you are able to interact with them simply and quickly. The tool also enables you to find negative feedback on your hotel, and gives you the opportunity to prevent a downward spiral in sentiment by acting rapidly - for example, in communicating with dissatisfied guests.

Observify services mean being able to optimise your social media efforts. For example, the tool provides you the most important influencers for your brand, plus their reach, in a smart, automated way. The platform tailors data to your needs; for example, some bloggers publish a lot of posts, but they have very few followers relevant to your message.

Here are five insights to help you attract more visitors to your hotel, thanks to smart social media strategy:

1. Find your most important influencers

Regardless of whether you have a small, family-run hotel or manage a large franchise, the Observify platform makes it possible to track the flow of your published material in real time.

2. Rank the most important operators on the web

The Observify platform automatically ranks the reach of influencers, this way you will be able to direct your resources in a more optimal way.

3. Communicate with those who write about you

Observify helps you communicate directly with social media influencers. This gives you the opportunity to act quickly in order to give your popularity a measurable boost.

4. Fix what goes wrong

If somebody is disappointed with your hotel, your standard of service or other issue, it is crucial you are in the loop. The Observify tool has an unlimited number of keywords, which makes it possible to track down and find dissatisfied guests, start a dialogue with them and find a way to turn them into fans.

5. Formulate a strategy and implement it

Observify supports you and quickly gives you knowledge and a sense of your market and your possibilities. Thanks to our real-time feed and statistics, you will have a powerful tool at your fingertips to formulate a foolproof social media strategy.


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