How bad reviews on social media can earn you more money

How bad reviews on social media can earn you more money

Social media has exploded as a marketing channel in recent years. It has gone from being on the radars of web forum enthusiasts and specialised blogs to something that more or less everyone uses in some sense. Today it is probably more unusual that people don’t interact or engage with social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar platforms have enhanced access to, as well as contributed to the integration of social media in marketing efforts. Today the most significant growth area of marketing lies in social media compared to other formats and channels.

The scope of social media portals and blogs across the world makes it difficult to track, monitor and categorise all the information being published around the clock - not to mention in every corner of the globe. A well developed monitoring tool like Observify keeps you on track, helping you monitor online conversations about your brand. Whether you run a local family business or head up a large national or international company, Observify ensures that you don’t miss a beat.

Hopefully you, your business and the service you provide will be mentioned in positive terms. It is, of course, almost impossible to always avoid negative comments and posts. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that somebody has negative feelings about your business demonstrates the fact that they care. It illustrates they have commitment and expectations.

Usually, we want to leap to our brand’s defence by default when faced with a negative post. If it’s obvious that you have a ‘troll’ in your midst, their agenda is probably not worth the time it takes to respond. If possible, keep it simple and opt to block individuals who seem intent on spreading negative sentiment without concrete feedback.

Relevant, honest and (fairly) decent posts are those to which your brand should endeavour to respond. If, as an entrepreneur, you properly embrace negative criticism, you can develop your business and ultimately increase sales and profits. It’s no surprise that we all have the opportunity to become better with constructive criticism.

How should you go about countering criticism in practical terms? At the most basic level, every company should have a policy on responding to social media posts. Who will answer, and when? How do you respond? Relatively simple questions such as these are great for you and your employees to answer together. Being on the same page helps to avoid misunderstandings, mistakes, or simply failing to respond when an issue falls between the cracks.

Having your policy set up is one thing; now you need to have access to the full picture. Observify’s user friendly platform will give you a real-time overview. The platform has an unlimited number of keywords, helping you to hone in on the most relevant results for your brand, products and services. Once monitoring and tracking your business’ mentions is in place, responding is easy. Observify helps you to immediately engage your audience’s posts across social media, web forums and blogs - when it matters most.

Be accommodating and factual in your communication. Sometimes criticism arises from lack of information, so be sure to provide critics with the detail he or she obviously needs. Responding quickly to feedback and questions is key. Given today's rapid information flow, issues tend to grow if left unchecked. Stop the snowball from becoming an avalanche.

Answer your audience with empathy and honesty. In most cases, disgruntled customers or consumers reflect honest concerns in their remarks. The best brand building happens when taking your audience’s feelings seriously and treating them with respect.


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