How do I encourage customers to come back to my hotel?

How do I encourage customers to come back to my hotel?

Sure, it is great to have a Gold Card at your airline, but in all honesty, it’s not that innovative. Today’s greatest brands no longer build their clients’ loyalty in this fashion. Their clients do not need to keep track of points, login, changes of address and so on.

Business intelligence company Verint’s survey indicates that almost 50% of those invested in a loyalty program have concerns regarding the information they give away in the process. Hotel chains require a lot of information about customers and their habits. But what’s next? Who is entitled to access and use information about you? Who is informed about how often you stay at the hotel? With whom are you staying? Building brand loyalty today is all about identification, emotional attachment to your preferred brand, product or service. And today’s consumer is constantly evolving - their loyalty can change in as much time as it takes to download an app. Successful companies like Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Google and Starbucks have realised this. They build identity around their brands, services and products. And they evolve all the time in order to keep pace with their customers’ needs, wants and dreams.

Let’s consider you have hotel which is not part of a larger chain; you are not in a position to compete with a lot of discount offers, upgrades and so on. You need to add something else, but what? Stylish rooms, a nice bar and good service are musts. If you can’t provide your guests with that, you have a different kind of problem than knowing how to communicate with your customers.

The consumer of today is well informed, trendy, demanding and sometimes volatile. Above all, they are loyal – to themselves. If you can get them to internalise and associate your brand towards themselves, you’ve won half the battle. As no matter how changeable and volatile you are, you don’t abandon your inner self. How then, do hotel owners build a lasting relationship with these kinds of guests?

Here are three basic insights into how to create loyal, return guests who not only rebook, but promote your hotel:

1. Acknowledge the problems and be ready to change

The digital era has forever influenced the expectations of the consumer. You need to find out what your guests really think of your hotel. Thanks to the media monitoring offered by Observify, you will be able to find out what your guest is saying about you - not what they think you want to hear when they’re stressed out due to completing a survey at checkout. Our platform provides you with the opportunity to examine social media mentions in real time. It enables you to find influencers in travel, leisure and tourism, and even more importantly, to find those guests who are not that happy with their stay at your hotel.

2. Communicate with your guests and find out what they really need

The Observify platform offers you the opportunity to communicate directly on social media. If you find a guest who is not satisfied with their stay, why not strike while the iron’s hot? Ask them for a chance to change their mind - perhaps a complimentary dinner or a discount will help them rediscover your value. Have you found a really satisfied guest on social media? A small token of your appreciation the next time they return to your hotel never hurts. It will add to their experience, as well as promote their loyalty. By using your social media feed to monitor your hotel, you will be able to reply on cue and prevent a downward spiral of communication from surrounding your hotel and your brand. Observify’s monitoring services enable you not only to listen to the market, but to communicate. The platform’s powerful tools prevent you from losing valuable decision-making time. Ask your satisfied guest, what was the best thing about your stay? And ask the displeased ones, what went wrong? Don’t underestimate the importance of listening.

3. Please them first. Now let’s make some money

Customers of the digital era are driven by emotions; in order to earn guest loyalty, they need to identify with your hotel and what you offer. The Rosetta Consulting firm has concluded that a happy customer is 90% more likely to return compared to a displeased one. And a happy customer spends 60% more each time they buy a product or service. The probability of a happy customer exclusively selecting your brand is five times more likely than a dissatisfied one. Altogether, this means a satisfied customer is worth three times more than a disgruntled one. Using the Observify platform means listening to your customers in real time and analysing your social media with ease, thanks to your easy-to-use feed. Trends, requests and comments enable you to really understand customer needs – now you can develop and optimise what you offer.


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