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How to choose the best media monitoring tool for your business

There is a plethora of media monitoring tools on the market. Most offer similar services, making it hard to decide what's right for your business or organisation.

However, there are some basic criteria that must be met to make tool selection optimal:

1. Quantity

How many brand monitors are included in the package? In the beginning, simply being able to follow your business or brand will be exciting. After a while though, you’ll gain more from following competitors - and perhaps entire industries, certain types of services and products specific to your needs. As a subscriber of Observify’s basic package, you’ll enjoy ten different brand monitors to start with. It's easy to add more should you find an interest in several different events, product manufacturers or companies.

2. Quality

Quantity, for all its glory, still begs the question of just how relevant the information you get is. With Observify’s platform, you have an unlimited number of keywords to narrow your searches down so that they become relevant to you and your business. You do not get a lot of excess information. A media monitoring tool not only helps you to gather information; one of its vital functions is to separate the data collected so that you get the right kind of insights. Given the range of information available online today, this aspect of a media monitoring service is one of the most crucial.

3. Function

Various media monitoring tools are good for different things. There are more "traditional" tools that are ideal for print and broadcast media, while other tools focus primarily on social media and digital publications.

Observify constantly surveys news sites, blogs, forums and social media such as Twitter and Instagram - around the clock, in over 190 countries and 40+ languages. Its features also include the ability to communicate directly from the platform in real time. Your feed allows you to follow your brand with ease, and immediately dive in to answer questions, provide information or clear up misconceptions.

Observify’s platform enables you to react instantly in real time, making it easier to quickly handle reputation management. In today's viral world, half an hour of inactivity can be devastating for a brand. The possibility of a rapid response is therefore of utmost importance. Naturally, this is made easier if you can respond directly from where you’re working.

An "emergency service" can also be connected to the tool to make sure you do not miss a thing. Observify’s notification system acts as an alarm, to go out via your platform of choice. Whether you have a computer, mobile device or iPad, Observify will keep you informed – 24/7.

We’ve touched on ease of use above, but it’s worth reinforcing. If you buy a service or tool, everyone in the company should be able to use it. Observify originated as a response to the media tools available at the time, which felt arcane in nature. Observify users enjoy a platform with a single login. This may sound obvious, but the fact is that several media monitoring tools require multiple logins on different platforms, depending on the type of information you seek. In addition, the interface is often complicated, difficult to understand and illogical. Observify delivers a lightning-fast overview.

4. Processing

Finally, what happens to the information collected? Even if you have a great tool with a high degree of relevance, there is still a large amount of information you need to convert into direct business benefits.

Observify’s streamlined reports provide statistics from which you can draw clear trends and invaluable insights. For an in-depth analysis, we provide educational reports and analysis from our analytics team. We ensure that the data we present translates into direct business benefits.


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