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How to find influencers and benefit from them

The concept of using of influencers in marketing is on trend, but nothing new. As early as 1940, the first theories were formulated on how personalities who affect us can act as useful tools in the promotion of products or services.

The social media explosion, however, has given the phenomenon a serious update. Today, the variety of services, products and brands marketed through influencers is huge. As much as ten years ago, it was possible to discern the potential of how influencers would become a staple of digital marketing.

The breakthrough for lifestyle blogs happened quickly, as they came into frequent use by businesses. Initially, beauty and consumer product manufacturers adopted blogging strategies with the most enthusiasm, primarily targeting female audiences. The plethora of lifestyle blogs that now exists covers everything from food and travel to hunting and fishing.

Having said that, the significance of blogs has gradually declined as influencers have adopted Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as favourite haunts. Companies take advantage of their reach, with Snapchat recently emerging as a hotspot.

Influencers can be engaged, for example, more formally through product endorsements (sponsored posts, etc). In some cases, cultivating these relationships may be as simple as keeping them informed of product releases or the launch of a new service. Influencers who add the most value for you are those who demonstrate a genuine interest in your brand or industry. The sincerity of their commitment will most likely come across in the tone of each blogger’s communication, as will any sense of staged or manufactured content.

Observify’s media monitoring features make it easy to identify your company's most important influencers. The platform scans online conversations in over 190 countries, and more than 40 languages. Discovering who is discussing you on social media becomes simple, as does being able to rank your influencers based on several criteria. For example, how often do thought leaders talk about your brand? Observify also makes it possible to dig into the scope and size of the audience reached via their posts.

An organised and professional approach toward building influencer relationships contributes to a cost-effective, relatively inexpensive marketing strategy that increases your credibility as a brand, product or service. Word of mouth marketing is here to stay, with influencers becoming a surefire route to building your momentum. Treat them as good friends or acquaintances whose opinions you trust, and your brand will flourish.


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