How to get more guests into your restaurant

How to get more guests into your restaurant

Forget newspapers ads, flyers, TV and radio commercials. There are more efficient ways to promote your restaurant, whether you have a small, family-owned place or manage a national franchise.

Since the advent of social media, the opportunities to promote restaurants and bars are limitless. Today, there are a plethora of ways to communicate your message and attract new guests to your restaurant.

An effective method for generating new guests is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing means you get the word about your restaurant out through blogs, podcasts and other social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

The more traditional route to promoting products and services is to send out ads and campaigns via newspapers, magazines, TV and radio - outbound marketing. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, helps draw visitors and potential guests to your restaurant more subtly.

Properly implemented inbound marketing entices visitors into your restaurant, then converts them into customers. When inbound marketing works best, the potential guest is not even aware that they have actually been exposed to marketing efforts. A well-written and well-informed blog provides a direct user benefit, which simultaneously helps you to gain new guests.

However, this creates a need for someone to produce the content you will distribute in different channels. If your restaurant is small, you might not be able to prioritise the required resources for hiring a writer, and even if you have a larger organisation with several personnel, it is not guaranteed that you have the time to write well informed, articulate articles. Hiring professional writers might be too expensive, even for a larger chain.

Rather than hiring professional writers, you can benefit from the informal marketing which already exists online. A popular and well established food blogger or restaurant reviewer might be a potential partner for collaborating with your restaurant, at a cost that is acceptable.

As an Observify user, you will be able to quickly monitor who is talking about your restaurant or industry online. The tool gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with these influencers, and makes it easy to initiate a collaboration.

To maximise the efficiency of your inbound marketing, you need to have a well-thought-out strategy. How do you promote your restaurant online? What will the content cover? Which topics should you avoid? How do you attract guests to your restaurant using the content you publish?

There are many questions, and by using Observify’s social listening and web monitoring, you will be able to gain an overview quickly. The platform has an unlimited number of keywords, which makes it possible to get a detailed picture of what people are saying about your restaurant and your industry online. It enables you to discover new trends and follow online conversations in real time.

You will be able to analyse the results in detail, giving you valuable insights when designing your inbound marketing strategy for attracting visitors.

Here are some practical tips for successful inbound marketing:

1. Find out what’s out there

Observify’s powerful platform helps you monitor social media mentions in real time. Take advantage of in-depth knowledge around what people say about your restaurant, your service, your menus and your competitors.

2. Use content to attract customers to your restaurant

See which bloggers, Twitter users and more have the most reach and influence online with Observify. Communicate directly via the tool and initiate fruitful partnerships.

3. Analyse how people engage with the content you publish

Observify helps you track the reception and sentiment of your published content. The tool monitors whether your material is received in a positive, neutral or negative light, with streamlined, automated processes. Your next step will be to examine in detail what makes a post successful, and apply what you learn to your inbound marketing strategy in the long run.


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