How to get people into your restaurant with social listening

How to get people into your restaurant with social listening

Let’s consider you are about to open a new restaurant specialising in vegan food (it's finally enjoying a place in the culinary sun). In today's culture of sharing food experiences via social media - especially on channels such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - it's probably safe to say that vegan diners are just as happy to participate. Advertising on social media is not only comparatively cheap and accurate; in a way it also makes a kind of statement, saying My brand is modern, I move with the times.

Let us assume you are about to choose Twitter as your main channel for targeting and reaching potential restaurant customers. In order to reach everyone in your geographical area that has ever tweeted about restaurants and their dining experiences, you’ll need to invest a lot of dough. Then you’ll need to narrow the keywords down in order to make your communication and targeting as precise as possible. Forget those tweeting about mouthwatering steakhouses. You should focus on those who have tweeted about vegetarian and vegan food, salad, clean eating, ethical produce, etc – obviously they are more interested.

By narrowing your target group, you will be better positioned to reach only relevant individuals for your business. Now we just need to find those people; the tweeting vegans. The amount of information available regarding social media users today is overwhelming, prompting the need for business owners to figure out a way to find the data relevant to them. By using the Observify platform, you will be able to track down and identify the “ambassadors” of the vegetarian and vegan food movement more effectively. By initiating monitoring, with endless keyword search possibilities, you will be able to find the hardcore vegan fans likely to spread the word about you. Social listening can help you find your first, most loyal, important customers – even before the paint has dried in your about-to-launch vegan restaurant.

Today most companies, across a range of products and services, have become skilled in communicating through social media channels. Many are even good at social listening, perhaps as a result of using the kinds of services that Observify provides. One roadblock, however, is that a lot of companies (especially the larger ones) have a problem with lack of communication internally. It is not uncommon that they have one team communicating and one team listening on social media, but these teams forget (sometimes consciously) to communicate and coordinate their efforts. And if your company is on the small side, you may, understandably, not be able to prioritise hiring dedicated social media staff.

Observify’s tools and our specially tailored department and service, Observify Analytics, help you get the full picture. Designed to rapidly and smoothly collect data on what people say about your brand, you can focus on coordinating resources to produce the results you’re looking for.

Here are some examples how your company, your brand and your products can benefit from better integrating communication and information:

1. Create more relevant ads

By using the Observify platform you will be able to narrow down to the keywords and buzzwords relevant to your business. You will also be able to track the changes over time. When you create ads, you will be able to design it in a way that makes it searchable online. Thanks to this, your ad will target those who are interested in the keywords you communicate.

2. Save time through automation

Observify means that you don’t need to hire staff to spend hundred of hours scrolling the net. We are even able to provide you with our own Analytics Department in case you need really detailed knowledge, even at an individual level.

3. Your impact will give you value for money

Automated keyword advertising has historically shown great results. You simply target people interested in certain keywords, which increases their potential as future customers - as opposed to sending out an ad like a shot in the dark. This will reduce the cost per customer acquired to a much lower level.

4. Personalise your ad

The Observify platform is able to track down very specific keywords such as Veganuary, a lifestyle concept (it’s about sticking to vegan food throughout January). By creating ads with highly specific keywords appropriate to your target audience, you will be guaranteed to captivate those who can’t wait to go to your vegan restaurant.


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