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How to improve customer satisfaction

Facebook, the world's largest content provider, does not have any self-produced content. Uber, which is the world's largest taxi company, owns no cars. Airbnb, which is the world's largest hotelier, does not own a single building.

The examples above illustrate that the digital age presents an entirely new set of challenges. Business models and competition are changing rapidly. What is important right now may be history tomorrow.

Some things remain the same, though. Customer satisfaction is a must for your business to survive in the long run. And today, when it is easier than ever as a consumer to obtain a speedy overview or swap suppliers for a service or product, customer service is more important than ever.

Here are some tips for improving customer satisfaction:

1. Treat customers as if they are your boss

At the end of the day, you have your customers to thank for your salary. Easy mobility of customers means that "long term" is now not very long at all. Keep your promises and try to meet needs at every opportunity.

2. Create loyal customers

A satisfied customer is great; a loyal customer is even better. You can provide your customers with various incentive programs, but don’t forget to show that you care after the deal is done. One way is to communicate with customers on social media.

3. Measure satisfaction

You must know how the situation is to be even better. One way to measure customer satisfaction can be in the form of surveys, but you can also listen to what customers are saying about your business with the help of a media monitoring tool. A usual estimate is that 90% of unhappy customers will never come back.

4. Set reasonable expectations

It’s always better to over deliver than under deliver. Promises are not something you can afford to break. Being on the same page as your salesforce is essential, to avoid over-promising when getting a deal through.

5. Respond to complaints - in good time

By responding quickly and stringently to complaints, you have a better chance of turning the tables with disgruntled customers. Learning from dissatisfied customers can improve what you offer, and lead them to a point where they may become ambassadors for your high quality service.

6. Take advantage of social media

You can listen to social media buzz and learn from it, but also the use it as a communication tool. Tuning into conversations with existing customers as well as potential leads helps your understanding of your audience. Social media often serves as the first port of call for support among consumers. When used correctly, brands have a golden opportunity to launch associated services, new products and more by communicating on social media with well defined target groups.

7. Make customer satisfaction a part of corporate culture

It's not just customer service that should work hard for customers being satisfied. The drive to deliver great service should permeate the entire company. Share experiences and insights into customer communication across the enterprise. Work systematically and challenge those who do not meet customers day to day to, for example, come up with suggestions for improvement into user experience.


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