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Learn from your competitors to grow your business

To constantly develop is the only way to survive in the long run. In an ever changing world, you can’t afford to sit still. No company, product or service can survive without being developed, modified or renewed.

There is a textbook example of a Swedish company that did not see that the outside world was changing, and went under as a consequence. Typewriter manufacturer Facit, headquartered in Åtvidaberg, was regarded as a success story for generations. They grew exponentially after World War II; in 1970 the company had over 14 000 employees worldwide. Yet only two years later, Facit's mechanical typewriters and calculators were completely ousted by Japanese-developed electric technology. Facit went under and the remainder of the company was bought by Electrolux in 1972.

Facit is a clear example illustrating the impact of a company failing to adapt to changes in technology and the world surrounding it. Today’s pace is much more compounded than in the early ’70s. This places even higher demands on the ability to embrace change and adaptation.

In order to even be able to develop your business, you must have access to information. Users of Observify’s media monitoring features are able to quickly discern trends and get a good idea of ​​how their competitors' products and services are perceived. By using the platform, you can monitor your competitors in real time.

Observify’s media platform scans the network across 190+ countries, in over 40 languages​​, seven days a week around the clock. It is easy to set up surveillance of a competitor and quickly gain a solid overview of what they are doing right or wrong. Observify’s research and analysis team can assist you with detailed reports.

Thanks to the unlimited number of keywords available with your Observify account, you can easily ensure that the data collected is relevant. You won’t need to wade through unnecessary layers, instead taking advantage of immediate benefits. Tracking your competitors helps inspire you to push your business, your product or service further.


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