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Progress update: a productivity tool for handling tasks

New week equals a new feature! And this feature will come in handy for you, as it will make it a lot easier to manage, report and evaluate your team’s workflow – or the tasks that you’ve assigned to yourself. Sounds super, doesn’t it?

So, first off, a new tab has popped up in your Observify Dashboard – called Tasks. You’ll see it immediately when you log in to Observify. It’s a tool that helps you handle mentions that you wish to engage with. For instance, customer service-related queries or questions related to your business that you wish to answer quickly.

A tab for *Tasks* in your Observify dashboard

As you see in the picture above, you’ll instantly know how many tasks are awaiting action – as there will be a number next to the tab that will notify you.

If you click on the tab, you’ll be transported to a new page in your Dashboard, where you’ll have the mentions you’ve assigned to Tasks. On your left, you’ll notice a side panel. The side panel contains your Active tasks and your Solved tasks.

Side panel in *Tasks*

This side panel will also notify you about how many tasks await action from you or your team right now. When you’ve resolved a task, you go to the bottom of that specific mention and click “Solve task”.

Here, you also have the ability to delete the task, if you’ve assigned it by mistake. This menu is always available underneath the mention.

Solve or delete tasks underneath the mention

The cases that you have resolved are seen in Solved Tasks, naturally!

See your solved tasks in the sidepanel

In Solved Tasks, you’ll have the option to reopen the task if you wish to. When it comes to Tasks, you also have the ability to assign specific mentions to specific team members. You’ll find this option under the mention as well.

Assign tasks to team members under the mention

That’s all for now, folks! If you have any questions or got some feedback for upcoming features, give us a shout below.

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