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Promote your company through social media

Social media as a marketing channel represents clear, constant growth in comparison to other media forms. Its accessibility and our habit of being constantly connected to social media naturally contributes to its development. Another factor behind the meteoric rise of social as an advertising platform is the context in which the marketing exists.

At its best, experiencing a social channel is comfortable; you hang out with family, friends and acquaintances - even if the interaction takes place digitally. This informal atmosphere helps us to become more receptive to advertising, as opposed to how willing you are to endure a silly radio commercial while irritated and stuck in a traffic jam.

Based on these elements, social media marketing is something well worth considering. Costs are relatively low, with potential for high conversion rates. Social media is in any case usually very measurable (bust some social myths with us in this post).

In order to determine the form and channel in which you should market, ensure that you can answer the following questions:

1. Where is your audience?

If, for example, your product or service is aimed at an elderly audience, it is unlikely that Snapchat is your most suitable channel. Facebook, however, has come to have a more mature user base in comparison to other social media networks.

2. What is your industry?

If the field you’re working in is heavily visual, such as fashion, Instagram would be one of the most logical choices. Designers are a step ahead with over 400 million photo hungry, active monthly users (and potential fans) at their fingertips.

3. Which social media channels already host the most conversations about your brand?

Users of Observify’s media monitoring features benefit from quickly checking where people are already discussing your company, product or service. The platform scans the web in real time. With the help of our coverage of 190+ countries and more than 40 different languages, the key channels for your business will become clear. Tracking mentions is easy courtesy of your real-time feed.

4. What type of ad content should you promote on social media?

By analysing social media feeds for mentions of your organisation or brand, you’ll be able to see the context around them as well as gaining a grasp of your sentiment. Observify’s social media analysts can give you deeper insights and even develop a suitable marketing strategy for your business, products or services. These practices can help you determine what content most resonates with your target audience.


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