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The 2016 transfer window like you’ve never seen it before

August 31 celebrates many things - from Finnish athlete Paavo Nurmi setting a 1924 world record (10km in 30:06.2 minutes), to the first heavyweight championship fight in Japan (1973). There’s one other event that should never be underestimated, though - Transfer Deadline Day.

‘Transfer deadline news’ have been the three little words on every football fan’s lips in the lead up till today. This is the date by which football clubs must have transferred players from other countries into their teams - providing the public with a steady flow of rumours and gossip. That means a lot of social conversation to track - and having more than a few sports nuts in residence, we’ve built you (drumroll please…) the 2016 deadline day oracle!

By ‘oracle’, we mean The Ultimate Set of Real-time Stats.

From Chelsea and Arsenal to Sevilla Atlético and Real Madrid, football fans get the latest on what their community has to say in one glorious hit. Intuitive design makes light work of the details, giving readers real-time data on the top players, clubs and leagues who are making headlines and prompting tweets.

“Sports journalists do great things for people who are football mad - it’s a lot of fun following live transfer window rumours in the media,” says Observify developer Sebastian Löfgren. “We built this solution specifically because there isn’t really a space showcasing what the everyday fan has to say, in real time.”

Will Marcel Tisserand swap Monaco for the English Premier League? Can native Brit Wayne Rooney really bring himself to say “soccer” if he moves to the States?

Check it out here!


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