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The CrossFit Games delivers strength, girl power and the perfect excuse for getting out of meetings

If the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games were anything to go by, athletics fans are in for a treat with Rio 2016. The ultimate entré into the summer Olympics, the quest to find the Fittest on Earth™ inspired more than 56 000 mentions across social media in a mere seven days, before, after and during the event.

The top trend throughout the the Games was feminine strength - fan @valeriacanoc’s post, “In a world full of Kardashians be a Dottir #strongbeauty @CrossFitGames @IcelandAnnie @SaraSigmundsdot @katrintanja” was a prime example, garnering 147 retweets 274 likes. @CrossFit’s tweet announcing its fittest woman on earth received more engagement than the men’s champ.

Devotees took primarily to Twitter, followed by Instagram, with #CrossFitGames, #crossfit, #community and #friends their hashtags of choice. The most oft-mentioned handles were @CrossFitGames, as well as winners @MathewFras (Mathew Fraser) and @katrintanja (Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir). Love of CrossFit was no barrier to the daily grind; spectators proudly touted their efforts to adapt their work day to Games viewing schedules. Workout Of The Day #Murph, after CrossFit fan and Afghanistan hero Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, was also a fan favourite.

Anticipated the world over, mentions of the Games were 90.3% English speaking. Top languages rounding out the conversation online were Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Amidst a tenuous political climate, the extravaganza was best summarised by @RocketeerBanzai: “@katrintanja @brookewellss Thanks for showing us what #CrossFit & #CrossFitGames are all about, #Friends #Community”.


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