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The final countdown: the third presidential debate aftermath

The third presidential debate promised to be anything but dry, and if you subscribe to the theories put forth by our most influential news outlets, both candidates were kept on a shorter leash, bringing out more policy-focused discussion than previous debates. Moderator Chris Wallace, a renowned Fox News anchor, was often quoted pre-debate as aiming to be invisible, intending to let Trump and Clinton fact check each other this time around.

Again isolating 1000 social mentions with our real-time media analytics, Observify HQ has collected some data-driven tidbits for your pre-November 8 insight. For the final general election debate, we zoomed in on the conversation around undecided voters.

  1. RealClear Politics’ article, “CNN Focus Group Of Undecided Voters: Trump Won Third Debate 10-5” was the most shared piece of commentary by social media users who appeared to be Republican leaning

  2. Users who seemed to demonstrate Democrat support or neutral sentiment shared an NBC article most often, entitled “Crucial undecided voters mull over big decision during third debate”

  3. Republican leaning users were more vocal in the conversation, with 80% share of voice

  4. The most referenced swing state was Ohio

  5. The most commonly used hashtags were #debate, #debates2016, #MAGA and #ImWithHer

The United States 2016 presidential election happens in just under two weeks, with Clinton reportedly ahead by six points, according to the BBC (quoting a “CNN/ORC national poll” on October 24). However, The Independent reported Trump as the leader by two points, referencing an “Investor's Business Daily/ TIPP tracking poll” on October 25.


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