The social insights your CEO needs to know

The social insights your CEO needs to know

Once a month (for some of us, more often) your boss wants to see the numbers for how your social media and PR efforts are paying off. If you can’t connect your numbers to real actions for the business, you’ll be climbing a steep mountain at the end of each month. Let us present the social insights your CEO truly cares about, and why. All of these are quantifiable as long as you have set proper goals and equipped yourself with the right analytics tool to handle the workload. The points we present are not in any particular order of importance, but rather suggestions for presenting and making smoother segues.

Is it cost-efficient?

This is not a metric per se, but a means for you to show that your social media, marketing and/or PR efforts will provide real value for the business. This is done by going beyond vanity metrics and starting to gather social insights that ties into other areas of marketing and web analytics to measure efforts throughout sales and acquisition funnels.

Do we generate leads through our digital efforts?

You need to show that your efforts directly or indirectly provide the company with potential leads. The leads that come through your owned and earned channels are more prone to do business, since they’ve initiated contact themselves. With a proper set of analytics tools, well-defined goals and cross-departmental sync you’ll be able to track which of your efforts are contributing to new business.


You are probably presenting the advocates for your boss, and you should. These are your most credible sources. But this also goes the other way. Addressing badvocates, deliverers of strong opinions and criticism, is equally important in your presentation. With the exception of online trolls, these opinions give you a chance to improve your product and/or communication. Sort out the insights and present a plan of action on how to improve.

Actual reach

When presenting reach numbers from your social media monitoring data, be sure that you are aware of general reach and actual reach.

While your online content might only be seen by a certain amount of people, the reach of those who actually interact with it is the real effect – and fruit – of your efforts. Analyzing this will also provide you with valuable insights into your content strategy, and most importantly – if it is hit or miss.


People are talking about your brand(s), competitors and the market you are in. How they say it and how they don’t say it is the main thing to look out for. What is the overall sentiment of these conversations, and more importantly, how does that affect your business and marketing efforts? These are questions you will need to be able to answer. Put conversations into context to show their business value with proper brand reputation management.

Share of voice

Not only do you want to present the social data of how much, but what is talked about for a certain market area, to be able to benchmark. You’ll also want to present one step beyond the scale of share of voice. By presenting what actions generated the effects, both in your own and in the online community, you’ll be able to show true numbers, indicating both success and areas for improvement.


What are your competitors doing that works well, and fails miserably? Shift focus from comparing amounts of likes and followers, and look to actual indicators such as mentions and shares –  and again, put these in context. A social media competitor analysis needs to go beyond social media itself and look at the big picture.

Any opportunities?

Have you been able to use your social data to identify possible collaborations, thought leadership opportunities or clear business leads? Make sure you will be able to present these findings in a to-the-point fashion, with the backing up of comprehensible data.

Measuring success

How are you measuring your efforts, and are you presenting them in an easy, clear manner? Make sure you and your boss are aligned when it comes to goals and expected outcomes. Getting the right data provides you with ammo; executing sleek, to-the-point presentations of your insights and actions is what makes you shine.


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