Time to burst your social media management bubble

Time to burst your social media management bubble

When it comes to social media management, there will always be a couple of ‘sure things’. Stuff that you regularly stumble upon, which is treated as ‘truth’ in the business. And sure, they often have a speck of truth in them. But some of them are just outdated and wrong.

That’s why we thought we’d do some myth busting!

1: You can’t measure the value of social media

This is regularly quoted in the business of digital marketing. But think about it one more time. Social media is brilliant when it comes to getting to know your customers. It’s also a brilliant way of finding new ones.

Oh, and it’s also a fantastic way to follow up various customer service engagements.

Social media is the easiest way for brands to interact directly with customers in real time. It’s easier than emailing, and better than a drawn-out phone call. The benefits can be the same as you would get from putting a focus group together, but a whole lot cheaper.

Think about it: the time it takes for an inbound phone call versus the time it takes to answer a tweet.

Quite valuable, isn’t it?

2: Big data can tell us pretty much whatever

How we sleep. How we eat. How we work out. Basically how we work as humans. But big data has also been proven problematic. And that’s the whole thing with statistics. You can basically manipulate any number, based on context, to suit your strategies.

Because people do that all the time.

It’s better to take some time and think about what you want to do, and which insights you wish to obtain. And then start getting data after that.

3: The more content you make, the more traffic you’ll drive

Simply churning out content wherever you’re present just doesn’t work any longer. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the main channels today, you need to optimise your content for each channel you’ll use.

Why? Because traffic is based on quality and distribution. If the content you write is created to a high quality standard and you distribute it through the right channels, it will equal more traffic for you.

Scattergun posting content wherever you have an online presence will ensure that it A) won’t drive traffic or B) won’t drive the kind of traffic that you want.

So remember, the choice of channel is one of the most important parts in the process of creating content. Not the amount of content you create.

4: For word of mouth to be successful, you need influencers

Word of mouth doesn’t work simply by getting influencers to spread it. The message is the most important thing.

If the message isn’t interesting, or compelling, genuine people won’t share. It must trigger the audience in some way to successfully get the word out there.

Yes, influencers are a great way to communicate a message. But think of them as the spark that starts the fire. Or the first bullet that starts a war (a lot of aggressive analogies here, sorry). Or just watch this video and get my message!


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