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Trump, lies and videotape - US Presidential Debate #2

In one week, the third presidential debate will take place. This time, Donald Trump will need to enter the ring against Hillary Clinton with damage control power in full force, on the back of recent allegations and video footage levelled at the Republican nominee.

Courtesy of our web monitoring features, juiced up with real-time statistics and media analytics, we’ve honed in on 1000 social mentions. To isolate these, we tracked mentions of Trump and attitudes to him “lying” or manipulating information, as well as mentions of Clinton in the same context, during the second presidential debate.

What we found were some intriguing data points on the #USPresidentialDebate conversation:

  1. On October 10 (debate night), negative mentions of Trump in relation to lying peaked, while negative mentions of Clinton lying peaked the day after on October 11

  2. Share of voice in the social conversation - on the issue of who “lied” more - was skewed heavily towards Trump’s performance (74%), with only 27% mentioning Clinton’s behaviour

  3. The most commonly used words to describe Clinton in the context of being dishonest were crooked, and amoral, with #NeverHillary being the most frequently tweeted hashtag

  4. The most oft-used words to describe any dishonesty on Trump’s part were lying and false (no Trump-specific hashtags in relation to this issue)

As #ImWithHer and #NeverTrump become mainstays for Democrat-leaning social users, while #MAGA and #VoteTrump join #NeverHillary, stay tuned for Debate Night number three.


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