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Why a negative post doesn’t have to be negative

It stings. I know. You’ve gotten a complaint, a bad review or just an altogether negative comment posted to your wall, emailed or messaged. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be as bad as you think it is.

First off, don’t think “Ah! Social media sentiment!”, panic and do something rash. Rash things that you shouldn’t do include a harsh reply, for instance. Or deleting the comment and sweeping the whole thing under the rug. If you do that, you’ll only make matters worse.

Find out why your customer is irked.

Ascertain why the customer is writing a negative post. Has he or she been treated badly when in contact with your brand? Has he or she gotten a faulty product? Or is it something else entirely that’s bugging the customer?

Once you’ve figured out why you’ve received a negative post, you can actually do something about it. And when you know what’s happened, fire off your excellent customer service skills.

In the end, the customer’s loyalty might have increased more than ever, had you ignored their less-than-sunshiny rant.

Quick tips for handling a negative post:

  • Don’t remove it – reply in a manner that’s appropriate
  • Some people just want to be heard, so acknowledge the situation
  • Apologise, if what’s upsetting your customers has been caused by you
  • If you’re not in the wrong, apologise for the experience they’ve had
  • Constructive feedback is always welcome, as it improves your business. Show that you appreciate the customer for taking the time to write to you

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