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Why you need sentiment analysis: turning haters into lovers

Our Sentiment Analysis is great for identifying troubled customers, or issues that might have the potential to hurt your brand. With it, you can extend a hand to customers who are dissatisfied and transform them into happy customers. But how does it work, and how do you use it?

How does our sentiment analysis work?

The most simple description of our sentiment analysis is that it’s basically a interpreter. All of your mentions from all of your monitors are scanned, recognised and filtered by our sentiment analysis – to clarify the level of affection, and the tonality, of the specific mentions.

That means that everything you see in your Feed has been scanned by our sentiment analysis to check if the mention carries a positive, neutral or negative vibe. After it has scanned the mentions for the overall tone and brand affection, it sets a sentiment. The sentiment can either be positive, neutral or negative – all at a glance!

That’s why when you go to your Feed in the Observify dashboard, you’ll notice that some of the mentions are marked red or green. That means that our sentiment analysis has indicated negative or positive sentiment for that mention.

If a mention has been marked green, it carries positive sentiment.

A mention that has been marked *positive* by Observify's sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis is also capable of collating all of your mentions into a complete group – and giving you your overall sentiment. This information is visible to you as soon as you log in to your Observify dashboard, which presents your stats.

Your overall sentiment that you’ll see as soon as you log in to your dashboard

Better yet, it also gives you your overall sentiment for particular monitors! You’ll see this as soon as you click on one of your monitors, or go into Statistics in Observify. The sentiment is presented in an easy-to-grasp data visualisation.

Your monitor's sentiment, presented in *Statistics*

If you ever run into a mention that you think doesn’t have the sentiment that our tool has set for it, you can change this manually in the dropdown menu below the mention.


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