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Will limitless tweets on Twitter benefit your business?

Twitter lifted the character limit when it came to DMs back in June. And now it seems as if they’ll lift the 140-character rule when it comes to regular tweets as well. So, the question is: how will this affect the content you publish on Twitter?

According to an article that appeared on Re/code, Twitter plans on removing (or expanding) one of their trademarks that they’ve had since birth – the 140 character limit.

Reports indicate that the character limit has been up for discussion for quite some time now, and that the chatter has resurfaced in recent months.


Twitter’s growth has slowed considerably, which has gotten the giant to explore new ways to attract more users. Interim CEO Jack Dorsey has before expressed the need for Twitter to “go mainstream”, and lifting the character limit might be just the thing to open Twitter up to a broader audience.

Is this good or bad?

Twitter is information delivered fast and briefly. That’s how we know it, and that’s how we’ve come to love it. But that might change in the future. Lifting the character limit will result in longer paragraphs of text in our feeds, and opens up the possibility to long-form publishing – content that has previously only been published on Facebook or LinkedIn.

So, is this good or bad? It depends. As Twitter’s nature is short and sweet, user behaviour usually centres on scrolling through your feed and clicking on the link that attracts you. Now, if the character limit is lifted, you’ll have longer posts that take up your screen – which might cause irritation.

However, for smaller businesses it can be good, as it will allow them to publish the same content on the big three – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – without having to tweak their message to post on multiple social media. For businesses that don’t have the ability to employ a full content team it will most certainly become easier to have a consistent social presence!

Also, another thing that’s positive in lifting the character limit is the ability to provide better customer support. Customers facing an issue could give you the full description of the problem in just one message, with screenshots. And you can give the complete solution back to the user, without having to sift through the back and forth.

Your customers’ needs will be satisfied with one simple message – giving them a better experience.

And if it all goes according to Twitter’s plan, it might mean an increase in users. Something that will mean an increase in potential customer reach for you.


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