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#YesICan, say Rio Paralympians (and everyone else)

The 2016 Summer Paralympics arrived with a splendorous bang on September 8. Aside from the pyrotechnics, daredevil feats and carnival vibes lavished on enthusiasts at the opening ceremony, former Brazilian paralympian Marcia Malsar provided the evening’s most adored moment; her tumble and graceful rise while bearing the torch went viral.

UK Paralympic broadcaster Channel 4, however, is what seems to have set the mood for the XV Paralympic Games long before athletes were on their marks. The event trailer, We’re The Superhumans is still sparking conversation a week into the tournament.

The campaign actually dropped on July 14, about two weeks before Rio 2016, with the largest chunk of conversation spreading across the United Kingdom (45.7%). Other countries adding to the buzz included the USA, Ireland, Germany and Australia. Sentiment has remained overwhelmingly favourable at 83% positive, 11% neutral and 6% negative.

The words most commonly tweeted alongside #WeAreTheSuperhumans and #YesICan include ‘powerful’, ‘goosebumps’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘love’.

In the mammoth 60-scene advert which captured the spirit of 150+ people, director Dougal Wilson featured 17 musicians, 39 Paralympians and 53 additional non-athletes. Imbued with cross-cultural themes of inclusiveness and respect, the ad aimed to practice what it preached, with a healthy dose of Brits, Australians, Americans, Brazilians, Canadians, Haitians, Dutch, Poles, Portuguese and Spaniards on screen. Serving as the official trailer for the Games, the clip looks set to be one of the world’s most viewed sports teasers at close to 6 500 000 views.

Top hashtags so far include #Paralympics, #Rio2016 (now with a new official emoji) and the @Paralympics led initiative, #ProudParalympian - “to empower Para athletes with knowledge and resources.”


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