Happy Pancake listens to users and sweeps them off their feet

With observify, happy pancake has:

Identified a new source of potential partners

Targeted podcasts for fans with even more inspiring and relevant material

Found a key insight into user behaviour by analysing audience feedback

It’s not you, it’s both of us

Happy Pancake is proud to provide its users with the ideal setting for one of life's adventures - finding a soulmate. Its appeal as a dating site is clear, with over 500 000 people registering a personal ad since 2007.

A significant community also brings with it much online discussion about dating. Countless potential initiatives exist here, but locating these nuggets of wisdom amid so much information is a challenge in itself.

Having a social media monitoring platform like Observify really helped our team hone in on what our community was saying, which has given us useful insights into how we can connect with our members even more.
Sebastian Malmberg
Marketing Manager @ Happy Pancake