Knowledge is power - especially when it entertains

With Observify, Hemnet has:

Been able to follow up with fans who checked out their series, and how they shared it across their networks

Tracked what was being said about the series in detail

Been able to identify new influencers

What do you dream about?

More than two million unique visitors per week and more than a million property showings every day indicate that the majority of Swedish households are familiar with Hemnet.

In May 2016, the digital real estate behemoth launched a web series entitled “Dröm Dig Hem” (Dream Your Way Home). Here, one of life’s biggest decisions took on documentary form. As a real property site, Hemnet aimed to spread its expertise in the industry with a healthy dose of entertainment.

The series comprised 80 episodes of which five were published every Tuesday, throughout a four-month period. This resulted in a rich tapestry of earned media across press, blogs, social posts and a bevy of highly engaged participants who shared episodes in their digital networks.

The series was broadcast throughout 16 weeks, and every week brought us learnings from Observify’s media monitoring. The data collected helped us to develop and improve the program as it happened - this only made the series get better and better. We deepened our insights into how it was received by viewers courtesy of social media monitoring.
Marek Wolski
Brand Manager / Creative Strategist @Hemnet