Marimekko traces new patterns in its nordic audiences

With Observify, Marimekko has:

Streamlined its social media monitoring - filtering Scandinavian languages, tracking relevant topics and gaining insights to act on

Gained a deeper understanding of its Nordic audience

Saved time by categorising users as fans and ambassadors, and identifying new affiliates with greater ease

Timeless design

Design house Marimekko has enchanted the world since 1951 with its distinctive prints and vibrant colours. Today, Marimekko is a lifestyle brand renowned for fashion, accessories and homewares which blend form and function. It continues to inspire the world with an instantly recognisable aesthetic.

Marimekko develops classic products, designed to brighten up the everyday for users. The brand welcomed a new Creative Director in 2014, who is passionate about putting Marimekko’s clothing line in focus.

Marimekko asked itself how Nordic consumers view the brand, and how to identify those elusive ambassadors who are great influencers, but also genuine fans of the brand. The company boasts a large fan base on Instagram, but as it turns out, its ambassadors are drawn to the brand for far more unexpected reasons.

Observify helps me to get an overall picture of our brand's social presence and perception. I like the flexibility of the tool and the ability to quickly gain an estimate of campaign performance.
Therese Maurin
Marketing Director @ Marimekko