Star Stable calibrates its community with ready-to-go insight

With Observify, Star Stable has:

Streamlined its social media monitoring efforts - filtering out the noise and placing relevant topics and insights at its fingertips

Discovered a recurring theme on YouTube that provides business development opportunities for Star Stable to benefit the community

Received proactive information, including praise and suggestions for improvements for the game from forums, blogs and YouTube Comments

Conversations speak louder than words

Star Stable, the world's biggest online horse adventure game with over 5 million players/users, turns to Observify for invaluable insights about its highly active community and influencers.

Having an engaged community that is constantly growing is a good thing, and a blessing for any startup. Conversations within the Star Stable Community go way beyond in-game channels. All this talk needs filtering, in terms of relevance and topics of interest.

These are the kind of reports you need.You’re not simply provided with a maze of charts and graphs, but a deeper focus on insights.
Thérese Forsell
PR & Social Media Manager @ Star Stable

No more horsing around

Observify has helped Star Stable sort out over 28K online conversations, with its social media analysts providing an additional layer of social insights to Star Stable on top of the key topics being identified.

Through the newly implemented “My Audience” feature, Star Stable is able to define its online community according to sentiment, and identify the key influencers and what topics really create engagement among followers.

With its dedicated social analytics support from Observify, Star Stable can focus on its core business instead of wading through vast amounts of data. Social insights come to the team on-demand, creating true value for Star Stable's business.