Tekniska Museet discovers that where content Is king, conversation is queen

With observify, Tekniska Museet has:

Monitored relevant topics and gained useful insights for building website content

Been able to compare the popularity of exhibitions on social media, and gained insight into what visitors like, and what they wish to see more of, both in terms of content and upcoming events

Streamlined its social media monitoring and saved precious time

A place for little geniuses

Exhibitions staged at Tekniska museet (the National Museum of Science and Technology) captivate millions of curious kids and grownups alike. Anything is possible, from painting with your eyes to controlling things with your thoughts. Tekniska museet teaches geniuses of all shapes and sizes about tried and tested technology - as well as cutting edge innovations from the present - using eye opening exhibitions and events. Their mission? To make technology and natural sciences accessible for everyone.

Tekniska museet’s website informs visitors about current exhibitions and events. The next step is to craft relevant content for them, but how do you really know what your audience likes? What compels them to pay a visit and maximise their experiences?

Observify’s reports not only give us the chance to strengthen our audience relationships, but the opportunity to push the importance of content marketing internally. That alone is worth its weight in gold.
Sebastian Flavet
Press, social media- and project leader @ Tekniska Museet