Toca Boca finds that nothing beats YouTube fans

With Observify, Toca Boca has:

Streamlined its social media monitoring efforts - filtering out the noise and placing relevant topics and insights at its fingertips

Gained new insights into its users’ YouTube behavior

Shared social media findings across its international offices more easily with its insight reports

Straight from the heart

With over 70 million downloads and availability spanning more than 160 countries, it’s safe to say that Toca Boca knows child-friendly gaming. Appreciated on a global scale, its games garner great reviews from the community, as well as praise from industry peers. All this makes for a solid brand reputation.

Where, then, does Toca Boca turn for feedback? Reviews, as well as user-generated content from the horse’s mouth! The company's users provide priceless insight into how they are actually playing the games and perceiving particular features.

The customised reports provide us with invaluable insight into our community, and save us time by showing us what really matters.
Zemika Assedal
Community Manager @ Toca Boca