Cutting to the chase helps Truecaller make fresh discoveries

With Observify, Truecaller has:

Cut through the noise and found meaningful insights

Identified a new source of influencers and ambassadors in a previously untapped social channel

Saved time by benchmarking sub-brands with ease

Making big calls

Break down 100 000 000 users into daily conversations, and you have a lot of chatterboxes. Originating in 2009 as a lifesaver for spam haters, Swedish tech darling Truecaller now leads the charge in personal communication apps. In 2016, Truecaller is the go-to for giving users more accurate info, without delay. In other words, a digital phonebook that wastes no time.

Navigating the constant buzz surrounding Truecaller’s brand is no mean feat - especially where multiple products are concerned. The company’s insatiable thirst for innovation spawned sub-brand Truemessenger. The result? Over 1000 mentions per day.

Not only did the tool help me filter out the noise, but I discovered the weight of Reddit as a key channel for us. That’s something I wouldn’t have had time to explore otherwise.
Lindsey LaMont
Community Manager & Brand Ambassador Relations @ Truecaller