Make magic

Observify helps you create lifelong memories

How do I stand out to visitors and make my amusement park marketing effective?

Captivating people means knowing what pushes their buttons. What makes them line up for your amusement park? What makes one ski resort in particular their go-to? Why do we seek out attractions like water parks?

Observify helps you stay ahead of trends and generate fresh ideas - straight from your visitors’ feedback. Design experiences that match their needs, and be their favourite place to let go.

Put on a show

Setting the ultimate scene is easy when you know what people really think. Discover what wins hearts and minds early thanks to Observify, for both existing and potential guests.

You’ll be effortlessly up to speed with competitors, and have inspiration and learnings at your fingertips.

Everyone benefits

COO & operations

  • Reach strategic decisions with confidence.
  • Discover hidden insights and issues within your business.
  • Optimise your customers’ experiences.
  • Streamline actions branch by branch.

CMO, marketing & communications

  • Develop and promote brand loyalty.
  • See the real-time impact of campaigns.
  • Be more relevant by leveraging what makes each customer different.
  • Gain an immediate, inspirational overview of industry trends.

Regional managers

  • Execute a brand experience that is consistent.
  • Benchmark performance of franchises/branches.
  • Resolve location-specific challenges.
  • Address customer issues more effectively.

Owners/operators of franchises

  • Dig deeper into what affects/attracts consumers and visitors.
  • Improve repeat business, and see how you compare to your competitors.
  • Gain instant feedback on innovation in the experiences you offer.
  • Connect more closely and engage with employees.