Invest wisely

Observify makes financial services marketing pay off

How do I ensure that my services reflect expectations, and make me stand out as a reliable choice?

Financial services are the unsung heroes where customer relations are concerned. Even if you’ve built trust and shown a talent for seeing every angle, Warren Buffet has a point. A reputation takes 20 years to build - and five minutes to ruin.

Observify keeps you in tune with your clients, so you’ll always offer them the very best.

Make them count on you.

Winning clients over is easy when you know what they really think. Word of mouth has a lot of influence - whether coming from individual, everyday users, or established corporations.

Observify helps financial services companies keep it simple - from loans, investment and insurance firms to banks, currency exchange and Fintech. It’s a monitoring tool that gets you up to speed with what people say, and when, so you can compare yourself to competitors within the financial sector.

Everyone benefits

CMO & marketing department

  • Brand and promote brand loyalty.
  • Improve campaign results by leveraging differentiation that matters most to your customers.
  • Engage with customers on an entirely new and intimate level.

Regional managers

  • Deliver a consistent brand experience.
  • Compare branch/franchisee performance.
  • Resolve location specific issues.
  • Address customer complaints.

COO & operational team

  • Make confident, strategic decisions.
  • Prioritize actions on a franchise/branch location level.
  • Uncover hidden issues and opportunities.
  • Improve the customer experience.

Franchise owners & operators

  • Identify ways to attract new customers.
  • Improve repeat business.
  • Engage with your employees.
  • See how you stack up against the competition.