Best practice

Observify gives healthcare marketing the proper treatment

How do I continue enhancing quality of life, and make sure people trust my brand?

During life’s hardest moments - and the most joyous ones - people need you to be there.  Whether you help achieve results through products, research, a gentle touch or by lending an ear, your work depends on being in tune with needs.

Observify shows you what matters to your patients, so they’ll always be in good hands.

Be the expert.

Winning trust is easy when you know what your users really think. A great reputation has a lot of influence - on individual, everyday people as well as industry decision makers.

Observify helps healthcare organisations to keep it simple - from pharmaceutical, hospitals, private clinics and rehabilitation centres to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and acupuncture. It’s a monitoring tool that gets you up to speed with what people say, and when, so you can compare yourself to competitors.

Everyone benefits

COO & operations

  • Act on feedback more effectively.
  • Strategise and develop services.
  • Discover hidden insights and issues within your operations.
  • Optimise your patients’ and clients’ experiences.

CMO, communication & press relations

  • Use information and trends to make you the most up-to-date choice.
  • Develop and promote brand loyalty.
  • See the real-time impact of fundraisers, policy and current events.
  • Be more relevant by leveraging what makes each of your patients different.

Management teams

  • Ensure well-recognised brand experiences with confidence.
  • Benchmark performance of districts, products, services and more.
  • Evaluate your service and empower employees.
  • Address patient issues more effectively.

Owners/operators of franchises

  • Dig deeper into what affects/attracts patients and clients.
  • Increase your patient/client base, and see how you compare to competitors.
  • Gain instant feedback on innovation in the solutions you offer.
  • Connect more closely and engage with employees.