Rest easy

Observify makes hotel branding five-star

How do I quality assure my brand identity online with all the hotel reviews out there?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a traveller who skips hotel review sites. Be there for guests when it counts, whether accepting compliments, or addressing customer service.

Observify’s intuitive toolkit makes branding and hotel marketing strategy online a breeze.

Make your hotel iconic

Winning guests over is easy when you know what they really think. Reviews indicate your hotel’s health - whether coming from everyday travellers, or celebrated hospitality bloggers (yes, they’re a thing).

Observify helps hotels to keep it simple. It’s a monitoring tool that gets you up to speed with what people say, and when, so you can compare yourself to competitors.

Everyone benefits

CMO & marketing department

  • Foster and grow brand loyalty.
  • Drive strategic campaigns to attract new guests.
  • Personalize your guests’ experience.
  • Understand and measure the impact of your promotions.

Hotel owners & operators

  • Drive occupancy and keep guests coming back.
  • Uncover what matters most to your guests.
  • Make smarter decisions about room rates and promotions.
  • Identify promotional opportunities specific to your property.

COO & operational team

  • Make operational changes at the hotel with confidence.
  • Uncover hidden issues and opportunities.
  • Improve the guest experience.

Regional & general managers

  • Deliver a consistent service experience.
  • Measure, track and compare hotel performance.
  • Resolve guest complaints.
  • Address specific property issues.
  • Train and empower your staff.