Public sector

Get together

Observify helps public authorities stay in touch

How do I nurture relationships with the public, and keep them engaged?

From problem solving and dispute resolution, to event management and customer service, public authorities are the ones who make things work. Does anyone ever ask what would make your life easier? Tracking the impact of news, crisis management, handling complaints and evaluating investments, daily, is no mean feat.

Observify puts you at the heart of your community, so you always have the big picture.

Take charge.

Winning hearts and minds is easy when you know what people really think. A great reputation carries a lot of weight - with individual, everyday people as well as key influencers.

Observify helps public and governmental authorities to keep it simple. It’s a monitoring tool that gets you up to speed with what people say, and when, so you can act quickly, without being second guessed.

Everyone benefits

Operations, logistics & administration

  • Act on feedback and resolve complaints more efficiently.
  • Strategise and develop services.
  • Discover hidden insights and issues within your community.
  • Distribute/gather information at faster rates.

Communications, marketing & press relations

  • Be better prepared for crisis management.
  • See the real-time impact of fundraisers, policy and current events.
  • Identify local influencers and opportunities for innovation.
  • Use trends to engage audiences more effectively.

Team leadership, project management & human resources

  • Ensure well-recognised brand experiences with confidence.
  • Benchmark performance of initiatives, events, facilities and more.
  • Save time on analysing community issues.
  • Evaluate processes and empower employees.

Management teams

  • Streamline evaluation of new investments and their impact.
  • Gain deeper understanding of what affects your community.
  • See how you compare to other departments/municipalities/initiatives.
  • Connect more closely and engage with your team.