Take stock

Observify makes you the first choice for customers

How do I make sure people buy from my outlet, and turn them into loyal customers?

These days, it’s hard to beat a good discount. How do you let shoppers know that you’ve got exactly what they need? Be there for customers when it counts, by showing off your consistently superior service - and need-them-now products.

Whether you’re a store manager for a specialty boutique or responsible for online sales, Observify has you covered.

Be a shopping destination

Winning customers over is easy when you know what they care about. Your reputation for great products and good service makes people choose your store - or to shop somewhere else.

Observify helps retailers to keep it simple. It’s a monitoring tool that gets you up to speed with what people say, and when, so you can compare yourself to competitors.

Everyone benefits

CMO & marketing department

  • Improve your customers and potential buyers experience.
  • Run more effective marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Foster and grow brand loyalty.
  • Put brand advocates to work for your brand.

Store operators & managers

  • Deliver a consistent, quality customer experience.
  • Address store issues and resolve complaints.
  • Uncover what matters most to your customers.
  • Train and empower your staff more efficiently.

COO & operational team

  • Make operational decisions about your brand with confidence.
  • Uncover and quickly address hidden issues and opportunities.
  • Improve the customer experience.

Consumer insights

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your consumers’ priorities.
  • Uncover and capitalize on hidden competitor issues.
  • Incorporate sales, revenue and inventory data with social data.
  • Include POS data and surveys with online customer sentiment.