Insights through social media and web monitoring.

Measure the performance of your content by tracking the reach of specific social mentions.

Track conversation volume over time to identify important trends.

Assess your brand's tone of voice with our sentiment analysis.See charts and graphs displaying how your sentiment has changed over time.Identify the trending topics that your audience cares about and use your insights to create nurturing discussions with your customers through a smarter content marketing strategy.

media analytics, social media monitoring, web monitoring
media analytics, social media monitoring, web monitoring

Find patterns and compare key metrics as they happen.

Use filters to narrow down your scope and find what you're looking for.

Identify the top markets discussing your brand.See your top sources and your top talkers to identify which audience is buzzing the most about you.See how a story can spread and affect your customers across the globe.

Create beautiful reports to use in meetings and presentations.

Schedule and download beautiful reports that keep you up to date on everything related to your brand.

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns so you can maximize the results of your marketing budget.Create powerful reports that bring out the relevant KPIs from complex data.Brand your reports with your own logotype.

media analytics, social media monitoring, web monitoring
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