Know who's talking about you, what they talk about and when they're talking about you.

Manage your reputation by using the information provided in our real-time dashboard.

Track all the big news and social media channels through one dashboard using our social media and web monitoring.Create powerful monitors that collect information that is presented to you in real-time.
Tune in on what your customers are saying right now and why they're saying it.

Identify your top talkers and your top sources to see which market that is buzzing the most about you. Uncover valuable insights to improve the level of engagement with your brand.

reputation management
reputation management

Give your customers a better experience.

With our media monitoring tools you'll identify customers and uncover what your audience care about.

Create the content that really matters and let your audience engage with it.Turn a negative experience into a positive by actively replying to your customers inquiries through our Social Inbox.

Nurture your current relations while you're creating new ones.

Discover who your customers are and what they're talking about in both editorial and social channels.

Identify influencers and their potential reach in different channels. Maintain a dialogue with your audience and make them know that their opinion matters.Track your content through how many clicks, retweets, shares and likes it gets and use this to understand what kind of content your audience engage with the most.

reputation management